Fuel Services

Fossil Fuel Services provides a nationwide solution to fuel contamination. Our specialist fuel Cleaning and Polishing machine prevents unnecessary breakdowns and inefficient running of Machinery, boilers, Boats and agricultural vehicles.

Tank installations

Fossil is partnered with the UKs biggest tank manufacturers to provide an overall installation of all Commercial and Domestic Fuel tanks, Adblue tanks and Fuel stations. With any Fuel station or Fuel tank installation we will polish your fuel before it goes into your newly installed tank.

Fuel Cleaning and Polishing 

With our specialist machine we can offer a Commercial and Domestic fuel cleaning solution. 

Why do I need my fuel cleaned and polished you ask? This is simply due to an unavoidable problem with stored fuel creating Diesel bugs. 

Diesel bugs are microbial bacteria which accumulate over time in stored fuels like Kerosene, Diesel and Gas Oil. Given time to develop, these bugs eventually cause large puddles of water to form in your fuel. This can lead to your boiler, machinery and vehicles becoming damaged and cause unnecessary downtime. We can also install a permanent running Fuel Polisher for our commercial customers, this can be maintained with one of Fossil’s planned maintenance contracts.